Chapter 18: Cinematography

Kitni khoobsurat jagah hai.”

Ravi K. Chandran’s cinematography makes Dil Chahta Hai one of the most gorgeously shot films. Chandra was offered two films at that time—Dil Chahta Hai and Devdas. He had an intuition that Dil Chahta Hai would work and accepted to work on it. He was drawn by the fresh nature of the film and felt Farhan’s ideas were new and refreshing. His decision turned out to be correct. His work in the film is still remembered. In an interview, he talked about the beautifully shot title song. He said, “We sourced ideas from people about travelling like that and rejected all those ideas to avoid clichés. We did not want a car commercial so we shot the song in a hand held camera to give it a candid feel.”

I am putting some of the lovely frames and patterns from the film below.

Tara at Sid’s house.
The friends while going on their road trip.
A beautiful shot of Akash, Sameer, and Sid on a ship in Goa.
The three friends in the three windows of the ship.
Sid walks through the fields and carries the bags.
Sid and Deepa gaze into the sunset.
Sid paints Tara.
The most stunning painting made by Sid is of Tara.
A devastated Tara after her ex-husband spoils the birthday plans with her daughter.
Another stunning frame from the film when Shalini is left behind on the subway train station in Sydney.
There are two reflection scenes of Akash and Shalini in similar situations. They are almost like mirror images. In the first one, Akash’s reflection is seen while in the second one, Shalini’s is seen. However, the thing to note is that the first one happens in reality while the second one happens in imagination.
Tara stands at the door and listens to the conversation between Sid and his mother.
Sid and his mother after he tells her that he loves Tara.
A frame from Woh Ladki Hai Kahan.
The moment Akash realizes that he is in love with Shalini.
A gorgeous shot of Akash standing in a cemetery depicting his inner state.
Shalini at her engagement when Akash comes to meet her.
The moment of ‘truth’ for Sameer, Sid, and Akash where all three of them confess their feelings and mention the word ‘sach’.
The moment Sid finds Akash again, he loses Tara from his life. When Sid goes to meet Tara, she says, “Kuch rishtey hai jinka koi naam nahi hota hai.” A gorgeous frame from the top. They both are dressed in the same blue color.
Sid looks at Tara’s house one last time. Sid was there with Tara from the day she arrived to the day she left.