Chapter 16: Jaane Kyon

Pyaar hi zindagi sajata hai.”

Jaane Kyon, sung by Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan, appears in the film after Akash and Shalini watch a romantic movie together, which leaves Shalini a bit emotional and Akash indifferent. The song is a playful conversation between the two of them where they talk about their opposing views on love. Akash does not believe in love and calls it a waste of time. He even compares it to zeher (poison). “Zeher kyun zindagi me bharte hain”, he says. Shalini, on the other hand, tries to convince him of the merits of love. She believes there is nothing in life without love. It brings color to one’s life. Pyaar sau rang leke aata hai. Both of them keep changing costumes throughout the song, which shows that this conversation happens over different days and periods. One striking thing about their costumes is the contrasting colors, which serves as another way to underscore their differing views on love. The song is picturized in the famous locations of Sydney, including Hyde Park, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and Sydney Opera House. The two of them walk around the city parks. They take the tram. They walk over bridges. At one stage, they even take the helicopter. The song is also notable for its use of the didgeridoo, a musical wind instrument developed by indigenous Australians.

A still from Jaane Kyon.

At one point in the song, Shalini says, “Log chhup chhup ke pyaar karte hain, jaane kyun saaf kehte darte hain.” The same thing happens to Akash later, where he cannot say to Shalini that he loves her till the last moment. Jaane Kyon also serves as a precursor to Tanhayee. Akash finally realizes the importance of love and will revisit the same places that he had gone with Shalini in Jaane Kyon.